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Cash On Delivery

No need to choose one. Offer both prepaid & cash on delivery payment options.

Get early Cash on Delivery Remittance

Improve your cash flow. Scale your business faster with early COD remittance.

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Cash On Delivery
Multiple Pickup Locations

Multiple Pickup Locations

Do you have multiple warehouses or sell your products through various vendors? Add unlimited warehouses to simplify your logistics operations

Highly Convenient

we let you add all your pickup locations by uploading a bulk pickup sheet. Now, add as many pickup locations as you want! This feature is available in all our plans.

Faster Delivery Time

Get your product delivered at your customers doorstep by selecting the nearest pickup location to your buyer’s address. It helps in faster delivery by eliminating the extra in-transit time.

Multiple Pickup Locations

Lower Shipping Cost

By selecting the nearest pickup location to the delivery location, you also reduce the overall shipping cost.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Build trust by going an extra mile for your customers

Serviceable Pin Codes

Ship at maximum coverage in just a few clicks, With extensive coverage of 29000+ pincodes.

Maximum Coverage with 29000+ pincodes.

With extensive coverage of 29000+ pincodes, you can reach out to every corner of the country. Double your sales by having a reach to every state and town.

Serviceable Pin Codes

API Integration

API Integration refers to this seamless connectivity. Now stay connected with your store – at all times!

Flexible API That Meets Your Client's Needs
Integrate your eCommerce store with your Fship account and process all orders from one single platform. Sync the inventory and catalog from your website to receive all incoming orders into the panel.

API Integration refers to this seamless connectivity that allows organizations to automate business processes, and enhance the sharing and embedding of data between various applications and systems. For instance, like Gracious aggregates data from various Couriers by calling their APIs and push to your API system.

API Docs
API Integration

One API. Many Uses

We’re amazed by the creative uses of our API. Here are some:

Fship Fulfillment

3PLs are always looking for an increased assortment of couriers for their clients. Our API gives them instant access without disrupting processes.

Organized Operations

With a regular incoming order flow, follow a particular procedure for every shipment.

One API. Many Uses

Automated Process

With constant syncing, automate your order fulfillment process right from the start.


The Track API is used to track the journey of a given Shipment. The response will give the most recent status update for the Shipment as well as a history of all previous Checkpoints.

Email & SMS Notifications

Get real-time updates, as soon as the products get shipped through multiple channels. Improve customer service with real-time shipment updates

Fship sends shipment notifications as soon as your order gets picked up from your location. Below are the multiple tracking statuses on which we send both email and SMS to your customers:

Email & SMS Notifications

An all-in-one eCommerce Solution for your shipping needs

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